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Picual Olive Tree


Picual: (Spain) Picual olives are the most commonly grown olive today for olive oil production, with production centered in the Spanish province of Jaén. Picual trees are estimated to account for 25% of all olive oil production in the world.

Plant Information:

  • High oil content 23-28%

  • Fruit is 2 - 4 grams

  • Self-fertile

  • Resistant to cold

Picual olive trees are self-fertile, but are often grown with Manzanilla, Sevillano varietals for a higher yielding harvest.


At maturation these trees can reach 20 feet in hight with around a 10 foot spread. The leaves are elliptical-lanceolate in shape and of a brilliant green color. The fruit has reached maturity when the skin is black in color.

*Plants will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase. Allow 5-10 days for delivery. If you have a rush order, please call us and we would be happy to expedite it.

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