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Bouteillan Olive Tree


Bouteillan:  (France) The Bouteillan is a cultivar of olives grown primarily in Provence. It is mostly used for the production of oil.

Plant Information:

  • Mainly Used for Oil Production

  • Self-Fertile, but likes Cross Pollination

  • Hardy to 25 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Early Harvest Oil Tastes Strong & Herbal

  • Later Harvest Oil Tastes Fruity and Reminiscent of Ripe Pear

Bouteillan olive trees are self-fertile, but produce higher yields better when cross pollinated with varieties like PicholineCorniale, Grossane or Cayon.

Fruit production usually starts between 2-4 years. At maturity they can grow between 25-30 feet in height with soft grey-green leaves and black fruit. The fruit is clingstone meaning the stone is connected to the flesh of the fruit.

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