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Arbequina Olive Tree

Arbequina: (Spain) An oil-producing cultivar with high oil content, very productive, producing every year and with a high rooting ability for its leafy cuttings. A tree of medium vigor with a weeping shape.

Plant Care:

  • Full to partial sunlight (6+ hours per day)

  • Water when soil feels dry

  • Fertilizer once or twice per year

  • Keep above 22 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Remove nearby weeds


Arbequina olive trees typically flower from March to May, ripen in November and are wind-pollinated and self-fertile. This means they do not need additional plants to produce olives. However, having additional olive trees nearby will increase your olive production.

Fruit production usually starts between 2-4 years. At maturity they can grow between 15-20 feet in height with an 8-12 foot spread. Harvesting your Arbequina olive tree is best between September and December, depending on the local climate.

Known mostly for producing olive oil, Arbequina are also great to eat alone or paired with a tangy cheese, dried figs, pears or almonds.

*Plants will ship within 3-5 business days of purchase. Allow 5-10 days for delivery. If you have a rush order, please call us and we would be happy to expedite it.

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